The EXANDAIR textile air duct is
100% draught-free
megtakarítás 40-70% közé eshet a szigetelés függvényében
easy to install
light and easy to transport
appealing and versatile
quick to install
easy to clean

The EXANDAIR textile air duct is
100% draught-free
megtakarítás 40-70% közé eshet a szigetelés függvényében
easy to install
light and easy to transport
appealing and versatile
quick to install
easy to clean

Stop draughts, increase productivity, and provide fresh air for your employees. EXANDAIR fabric air ducts are an effective way to air-condition halls, factories, offices, warehouses and other premises. Get a quote or see how it works now!

Do you find metal ducts expensive?

Did you know that a metal duct system can cost twice as much as a textile one?

Is it hot at the plant?

In great heat neither people nor machines can perform at 100%.

Is there a draught in the office?

Poor air conditioning and draughts make employees ill and reduce their performance.

They have already experienced the benefits of EXANDAIR textile air ducts:


Would you like to cut costs without sacrificing quality?

Fabric air ducts are the best way to reduce the costs of HVAC projects. The price is significantly lower and the installation is less time-consuming than for metal ducts. Furthermore, unlike metal ducts,our textile ducts are manufactured with special care to avoid draughts.


Is there a draught In the hall, and even in the offices? Are the costs of the air conditioning installation running out of control?

We can help! Our textile air ducts, in addition to supplying draught-free air, distribute the blown air evenly from the air handler, ensuring a comfortable temperature in winter and summer. In addition to air dispersion, the cost and installation savings over metal can be substantial, up to 40-70% depending on the insulation. 


How can you increase comfort and employee satisfaction?

With textile air ducts, carefully sized perforations ensure a high level of draught-free comfort, which enables you to improve the comfort and productivity of staff and even reduce fluctuation at the workplace.

Our software, developed in collaboration with the Department of Fluid Mechanics at the Budapest University of Technology, allows us to adjust our solutions perfectly to the room you need to air-condition.

Increases the comfort of staff

Increases productivity

Reduces project costs

100,000+ m2 of air ducts installed

Our services and unique method

We stand by each and every one of our clients from the moment they contact us until the end of the project and beyond. We stay in touch, helping with maintenance or new projects if required.

When designing textile ducting systems, it is important to remember that no two systems are the same, they are always designed and manufactured to individual requirements. This is supported by our survey diary, which also makes it easy to request a quotation. A personal survey is also available on request.

To perform accurate ventilation calculations we use the software, developed in collaboration with the Budapest University of Technology, in which we pay particular attention to the most uniform air flow along the length of the textile duct and its draught-free operation.

Alongside our textile air duct production we also set up a research and development centre, where we can test our developments of textile air ducts and, in special cases, check that our ideas can be put into practice before they are manufactured.

As a Hungarian textile duct manufacturer, we are able to serve our customers to a higher standard than the dealers, resulting in faster production and a higher quality product. In addition to this and to our implementation service, we also provide manufacturer’s maintenance services.

The transport and installation of textile air ducts is so simple that you can easily do it yourself with our instructions included in the package. Don’t worry, you won’t even need a truck. You can even pick it up with a larger car, or we will deliver it, as we deliver everything in an easily transportable size and in suitable packaging.

Maintenance of the ductwork systems is far simpler and costs a fraction of the cost compared to cleaning traditional metal systems. Thanks to easy installation, dismounting the ducts is just as easy as mounting them. Textile air ducts can be washed in industrial washing machines, following a professional washing protocol.


For which industrie sectors do we recommend textile air ducts?



General ventilation or air conditioning, cooling of zones between production lines. Our range of materials meets all the requirements for air ducts and our systems are perfectly suited for complete or partial air conditioning of halls and even cleanrooms.



Attractive air conditioning for shopping centres, super- and hypermarkets, salons, and showrooms. Our wide range of colours allows us to produce each section in a different colour or with a company logo, so that the textile air duct system can be tailored to your company's image.



For the supply of fresh air and air conditioning of various sports facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness rooms without corrosion. Our air permeable material eliminates the need to worry about condensation and the associated discomfort in rooms with higher humidity levels, making our textile duct systems an excellent alternative to metal ducts.



Draught-free air conditioning for premises with low internal height and/or fitted with classic drop ceiling panels. Our textile air ducts with a classic semi-circular cross-section can also be produced in a flattened semi-circular version or, for maximum space efficiency, can be inserted into 600x600 or 1200x600 drop ceiling panels, also in a textile anemostat version.



For tempering warehouses, where the task is specifically to supply air from a height. With the EXANDAIR textile air duct systems warehouses can be tempered even if air has to be supplied from a height, since we can channel treated air down to the occupancy zone from a height of up to 8-10 meters, eliminating the need for fans to prevent stratification.


Az EXANDAIR légcsatorna kaméleonként fog illeszkedni igényeidhez és üzemedhez


Create optimal working conditions with EXANDAIR textile air duct products.

Textile air duct

For our textile air ducts, carefully sized perforations ensure a high level of draught-free operation. It can help you increase the comfort and productivity of staff and reduce fluctuation at the workplace.

Textile anemostat

Energy-efficient and even air distribution for premises with low internal height, e.g. in office buildings, schools, and commercial premises.

Illuminated textile air duct

Our product range equipped with internal LED lighting under the brand name EXANDAIR LIGHT meets the needs of our customers, whether it is an interior textile air duct element for corporate identity or for the atmosphere of various events.

Textile air duct with membrane system

Our EXANDAIR textile air ducts are also available in a membrane version, which allows heating and winter-summer operation within a single textile duct branch.

Insulated textile air duct

Special, insulated textile air ducts are also available, which can be used on unperforated sections to reduce heat loss.

anisztatikus légcsatorna

Antistatic textile air duct

We recommend our antistatic textile ducts for industrial applications where the accumulation of electrostatic charge poses a serious threat to both employees and to electrical equipment and parts.



satisfied and happy clients

Why are our customers returning?

We are proud that the EXANDAIR textile air duct was developed and is produced in Hungary.  Compared to alternative and metallic solutions, they are easier and faster to clean, can be customised, provide an aesthetic appearance and last but not least, their initial cost is extremely favorable.

Direct manufacturer’s support from Hungary

Easy planning

Maintenance by the manufacturer

Easy to transport, handle, and wash


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Textile air duct system surveying diary

12 reasons to choose EXANDAIR

See why EXANDAIR textile air ducting is better value for you than traditional air technology:

Best value for money

We produce it and we deliver it. Our unique 6-step method is characterised by high quality and speed.

Savings can range between 40-70% depending on the insulation.

Far more cost-efficient than metal ducts. 

50% faster design

With us and our BIM element base you can cut design process by half.

Simple and fast installation

You can even do it yourself - it's a piece of cake

100% draught-free

Reduces illness caused by incorrect use of air conditioning and improves performance.

Ideal working conditions

Reduces the number of complaints of draughts by 90%. This increases employee satisfaction.

Software simulation

Our software developed in partnership with the Budapest University of Technology ensures that it works the way you want it to.

Attractive look

With a rich choice of colours and shapes, it will perfectly match your corporate identity.

Easy to transport

Thanks to its surprisingly light weight you can even transport it yourself.


Its design ensures that you do not need to worry about tampering.

No need for insulation

It works without condensation, no insulation is needed.

Cost-effective maintenance

We will remove, wash, repair, and remount it.

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