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01. Survey

In each case, the design of our fabric air duct system is preceded by the survey stage, for which our survey log provides support. In the survey log, we ask our client for all the information we need to prepare a quote. The log also gives us a more precise idea of the future role of the textile ducts to be produced. 

The log covers the amount of air to be handled, its pressure, the length of air duct branches, the desired perforated zone design, temperature data, the material and colour of textile ducts, and their suspension method.


We can also perform a survey in person, if needed.


02. Design

For designing our textile air duct systems, we use the sizing software developed in collaboration with the Budapest University of Technology. This allows us to get an idea of how the desired duct would work before the textile duct branches are manufactured. 

We always send our model to our clients for approval. If the model needs further fine-tuning, we can carry it out before producing the system. 

Once the model is approved, production can be started.

textil légcsatorna

03. Testing and development

We have set up our own research and development centre, where we can test our developments and innovative ideas related to our textile air ducts with diverse settings of air quantity and temperature, as well as duct height.  


Evaluation of the results is greatly facilitated by our ability to use smoke for demonstration. 


Furthermore, an installation that can be moved vertically with an electric winch was also installed at the centre, with which we can also model air supply modules that can be installed in premises with drop ceiling panels, which are frequently used in office environments.


04. Production

As a Hungarian manufacturer we are committed to provide service of the highest standard to our clients, particularly in terms of faster production and higher-quality products.  


To achieve faster production, we also have a modern machine park at our disposal, so our strength is not only in new projects, but we can also quickly assist with the conversion of existing systems.


05. Shipping and installation

All our textile ducting systems are supplied with installation and maintenance instructions. Our installation guide takes you step-by-step through the assembly process, starting from the installation of the suspension to the start-up of the system, while our maintenance guide provides guidelines for the annual maintenance of the textile ducting. 


The completed system can be easily transported from our site, even with a small van, but we can also help with delivery, installation and maintenance if required.


06. Maintenance

Fabric air ducts must be cleaned depending on use, but at least once a year. With our maintenance service we undertake the cleaning and maintenance of our and other manufacturers’ textile air duct branches, and the repair of any damaged branches.  


We can also provide replacement ducts for the duration of the maintenance, if required, and we can also dismantle and reassemble the system.

They have already experienced the benefits of EXANDAIR textile air ducts:


12 reasons to choose EXANDAIR

See why EXANDAIR textile air ducting is better value for you than traditional air technology:

Best value for money

We produce it and we deliver it. Our unique 6-step method is characterised by high quality and speed.

Savings can range between 40-70% depending on the insulation.

Far more cost-efficient than metal ducts. 

50% faster design

With us and our BIM element base you can cut design process by half.

Simple and fast installation

You can even do it yourself - it's a piece of cake

100% draught-free

Reduces illness caused by incorrect use of air conditioning and improves performance.

Ideal working conditions

Reduces the number of complaints of draughts by 90%. This increases employee satisfaction.

Software simulation

Our software developed in partnership with the Budapest University of Technology ensures that it works the way you want it to.

Attractive look

With a rich choice of colours and shapes, it will perfectly match your corporate identity.

Easy to transport

Thanks to its surprisingly light weight you can even transport it yourself.


Its design ensures that you do not need to worry about tampering.

No need for insulation

It works without condensation, no insulation is needed.

Cost-effective maintenance

We will remove, wash, repair, and remount it.

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