How does EXANDAIR support the work of contractors?

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Today, the biggest challenge facing the construction industry is the decreasing availability of quality professionals, so everyone is happy to find a technical solution on the market that is simple, fast and relatively free of skilled labour, thus speeding up the work of contractors. EXANDAIR's textile duct systems are the solution to this problem.

EXANDAIR textile air duct systems are quick and easy to install, and can be easily installed and prepared by a contractor with even a small technical aptitude. 

A classic metal duct system, on the other hand, requires much more professionalism and measuring precision to ensure that the support is correct and the joints are connected so that everything works perfectly. So what EXANDAIR can do to help contractors can be summarised as follows.


Quick and easy to install textile duct systems

  • EXANDAIR textile duct systems take a quarter of the time to install than classic duct networks. 75 percent of this time is taken up by the installation and accurate measurement of the drift and track system, and the textile ductwork is installed in a matter of seconds. The sliders of the textile ducting are simply pulled into the track, just like when you put the curtains on the rail at home. This simple installation saves contractors a lot of time.
  • As a manufacturer, EXANDAIR can provide the support structure immediately after the order is placed, which is a great advantage because the installation team can start immediately. The textile air duct only needs to be installed at the end of the construction or project, and thanks to this, the textile air duct does not get dirty or even accidentally damaged before installation. 



Other areas where EXANDAIR helps contractors

  • At our premises, we also provide special training and practice on the tricks and basic techniques that will make installation really easy.
  • We also replace the mounting hardware. If for some reason the mounting material is missing or in short supply, we can replace it immediately and even post it out if necessary.
  • We also provide easy-to-understand, clear installation instructions for our textile duct systems.
  • We also show you the installation process in videos.


EXANDAIR therefore simplifies and speeds up the work of contractors with this solution, which is a great help in today's situation where everyone is short of time and experts.

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