Textile quarter-circle air duct for office environments

A légtechnikai módszerek kiválasztásánál fontos szempont az egyenletes befúvás és a higiénikusság, könnyű tisztítás. Aki ilyesmiben gondolkodik, annak tökéletes választás a textil légcsatorna! A légtechnikai csövek nem csak környezetbarát megoldást biztosítanak, de épületgépészetileg is könnyen kezelhetők, esztétikusak és a minőségibb környezet is pénztárcabarát módon alakítható ki velük.

The supply of fresh air is a matter of top priority in office environments, where several persons may occasionally stay for long hours in the same room at the same time. The supply of fresh air not only improves concentration, but is also vital for physiological reasons, not to mention the indispensability of draught-free air supply. These were our points of departure in implementing the project described below, which involved the setting up of a meeting room.

Low ceiling height and the discomfort experienced by the person sitting beneath the air injection unit – the device professionally referred to as the anemostat – are common problems in designing office air duct networks. Conventional metal anemostats, which can be integrated in the grid system of suspended ceilings inject fresh air, but are often unable to ensure a draught-free environment. Unfortunately, many environments resort to the recirculation, the chilling and heating of used air, possibly with the installation of a split-system air conditioner, without paying attention to the importance of fresh air supply.

When our clients first hear the term ‘textile air duct’, they immediately think of a duct with a circular cross section hanging down into the interior under the ceiling, which, they think, will not fit the look of the room, will require frequent maintenance because of always being in plain sight, and the installation of which will involve noise and rubble. For these reasons, they tend to resort to time-tested, conventional ventilating installations. This was the case initially also with our client in the story below, but thankfully – they were open to considering a textile air duct system.

Which proved to be the right thing to do. The more so, since our EXANDAIR textile air ducts offer multiple solutions that perfectly match an office or meeting room with a low ceiling height or fitted with a raster system suspended ceiling, and involve an installation with minimal amount of rubble and noise.

Esetükben ezek voltak a lehetséges megoldások:

  1. Four-round textile air duct for fitting in the corner
  2. Flattened semicircular textile duct for fixing to existing suspended ceiling
  3. Textile anemostat, whose size will be identical with that of metal anemostats, to enable easy insertion in the place of the latter

In this specific case, our client settled on the quarter-circle shaped textile air duct, since this solution was deemed to be the best fit for the task at hand. Aesthetic considerations were also important in the project, so the white textile ductwork branch, ordered originally, was sexed up with a grey insert to fit the company’s image, since the same colour also appears in their logo.

Negyedkör EXANDAIR légcsatornaThe installation consisted in as little as marking the rail system of the quarter-circle ducts in a length of 6 metres, using a laser level, and securing it to the wall and the ceiling with proper fixtures. The suspension thus created was used to pull in the prefabricated textile air duct branch, and tie it into the existing ventilation system. The entire installation work took as little as one and a half hours, including mobilisation and the cleaning up of the debris produced. After the installation, the system was ready for use.

The results speak for themselves: an aesthetically pleasing branch of EXANDAIR textile air duct, which handles the air it injects in an even and draught-free manner, contributing to the supply of fresh air to the room. A system that incapable hands cannot misadjust, to guarantee long years of optimum operation.

As for its maintenance requirement, we recommended yearly cleaning of the textile branch, and offered to carry this maintenance out ourselves.

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