Trendy, high-quality, yet cheap - the textile duct is the innovation of the 21st century

textil légcsatorna

That's probably the last thing we think of when we think of air ducts, but it makes a difference whether we use a plain duct or a multi-functional, multi-functional, colourful textile duct to provide airflow in our facilities. Not to mention the fact that textile air ducts can be ordered in your own brand colours, you can have your company logo on them, and they're much cheaper than metal air ducts.  

In Western Europe, textile ducts can be seen almost everywhere. Since people there are very open to new things, it is only natural that companies nowadays use easy-to-install, quick-to-clean, colour-changing and even multifunctional (light and blow) textile air ducts to ensure the right air and climate in the rooms. With EXANDAIR products you can cost-effectively improve your working environment, both technically and aesthetically. 

Coloured air duct? Why not?

Living up to the familiar slogan, you too can recolour your offices, halls and facilities. Is red the main colour of your brand? Make your textile air ducts like this! But you can also choose yellow, green or blue! Break away from the traditional grey, white or black. Colours are good for people and therefore for their work, and it's cool if every corner of your premises reflects the essence of your business, isn't it? With colour you can break the monotony and give yourself a little something extra. 

Légcsatorna színes

Not only trendy, but also cheap

Want to save millions? One company recently managed to do just that with us. It made a difference to them whether they had to pay €85 000 or €36 000 for the system. Yes, they got that much cheaper by trusting the quality of the products we offer. 

There is no difference in functionality between metal and textile ducts, but the draught-proofing of the latter is much more reliable, the air volume can be distributed much better underneath (so you don't get cold near it because of the draught-proofing), and all this can be provided at a fraction of the cost. Why? We have written about this in detail HERE.

But there is something else that few people know! Textile ducting cannot just be a straight pipe. Our customers ask for different branching systems and even semi-circular bends in a dome. Most recently, we designed just such a system over a swimming pool.

What's more, we also have products that not only work perfectly, but also light up, adding an extra touch of mood lighting. Here's a video about it.

What makes a textile air duct unique?

EXANDAIR is the only company in Hungary that manufactures textile air ducts and invests heavily in research and development. In cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology, we are constantly working on the latest innovative solutions in our R&D laboratory, where any modifications and testing are also carried out. 

Most recently, for example, we demonstrated to one of our customers how our product disperses air with a smoked air blower and how the even distribution of air can be modified by variations in perforations. We can offer our partners the opportunity to use our tests to make sure they have the right perforation, and our lab is open to our customers on request.


Expertise, flexibility, innovation

EXANDAIR products are individually designed for each location, as each location requires a different amount and direction of air to be blown in, and therefore a different perforation may be required. Last but not least, you need to be able to react to the differences between winter and summer. 

It needs to be cooled in summer and heated in winter. That's why we developed our winter-summer mode changeover duct, a 2-in-1 system. We have a solution for that too.

That's why our textile ducts are not made-to-measure, not mass-produced, but tailored to our customers' needs. This requires a high degree of flexibility and forward thinking. To this end, our track systems, brackets and other accessories can be delivered and installed in the space in question at an earlier stage, during which time we can manufacture the textile duct system. Because we know that time is money. 

Take a look at our case studies to learn more about the benefits of textile ducting systems, their many applications and contact us. Follow us on our Facebook page for instant updates. 

Remember! EXANDAIR systems are easier and quicker to clean than metal solutions, can be customised to meet individual needs, provide an aesthetic appearance and last but not least, are extremely cost-effective. We look forward to hearing from you.

Stay tuned, stay updated, we'll help you with proven ideas and solutions to help you!